Zplug: My endgame of zsh framework

A version of mine about my story of the fastest zsh-framework called Zplug

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To be honest, I am a lazy person. It was a very long time that I use the default Arch Linux .zshrc, they use the grml-zsh-config as their base config on their bootable image.
It was a "well, it works" experience for me, since the only things that I want from my terminal emulator is just a common things like command completions and finding history.

I am not saying that I don't need any basic stuff like commands aliases or a fun things like PS1 theming, but it really just fits in my daily usage even with the .zshrc that shipped with the archlinux image.

Zsh Frameworks

Then I saw peoples are using some zsh frameworks, and yeah, I tried that too.
First of all, is the legendary oh-my-zsh. It was a great stuff. pretty powerfull and easy setup. changing some configuration like themes and plugins, is so easy.
But then I realize that my terminal emulator was not so fast comparing to the day when I use grml-zsh-config.
I mean, it was a great stuff and I like it but I think it was too over-powered for me LOL.

Speed problem

"I need this type of sh*t but with a faster performance"

My friends told me about antigen, but I did not enjoy with that.
Yeah it's minimal, but it does not feels really fast.


Well my first attention was not the features, but the logo.

zplug logo

"Hey that's my favourite color!" XD

Then I just do super + return and then install that things, I am not even reading the entire README's markdown file LMAO.
But because it has zero built-in config, I have to configure before.
After an hours of finding some stuff like plugins and themes, my shell is finally done.


zplug on my terminal emulator

As you can see, there is bunch of oh-my-zsh libs right here XD
Yeah like I said before, I like oh-my-zsh, but it's too big for me.

Oh by the ways, here is the speed of zplug and with those plugins and themes:

zplug on my terminal emulator - speed

Pretty fast, is it ? I mean, it just less than half of second! If I compare to the oh-my-zsh before, it was like 2-3 seconds to get into the interactive shell, and that's not a great things for such opening terminal emulator. :(

And for the last things, if you want to see my configs, you can look at my dotfiles here :


Thanks :)


Nanda Oktavera

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