Mosh: SSH, But slow-connection Friendly

A another little tips that comes from my past holidays

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Yes, doing some code while at holidays is kinda...weird. (nah, definitely it's 1000% weird)
But lets imagine for a seconds if you've never experience that, you can feel the windy-air, and hear some natural sounds, while opening your vim or vscode. Sounds great, isn't it ?
Yeah, until you realize that you need to access your 24/7 container and you don't have a decent connection to do that :D.


Secure Shell (SSH) is a fundamental things for us to connect into servers. It's pretty secure and easy-to-use, but SSH isn’t perfect.
The main reason that I didn't like SSH is, the connection problems.
When you have a big network latency, it leads to very-bad typing performance.
Even when you have a pretty decent connection, it can still forcing you to kill it and reconnect, sometimes.


Mosh is a replacement for SSH, it's a "Remote terminal application that allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo and line editing of user keystrokes." -
Mosh focus on providing more robust connection, especially over low-speed internet connections, just like were my case above.

But how can they resolve this typing-delay problem ?

Mosh uses UDP-based State Synchronization Protocol, which is responsible for sync the snapshots of the current screen state.
This protocol is aimed at showing the client the most recent server-side state, and is designed to use datagrams/heartbeats to maintain the connection.
Because SSP synchronizes two states instead of waiting for data to actually get transferred, Mosh can display the UI changes much faster.


Just like SSH, Mosh need to be installed on both the server and client

$ sudo pacman -S mosh   # there's also a `mosh-git` on the AUR


Just like SSH :


or If you want to use your SSH key for the auth :

$ mosh --ssh="ssh -i ~/.ssh/identity" USER@YOUR-IP-ADDRESS

You can see Usage page for more information.


Mosh is not a 100% perfect replacement.
The one that I have to deal with it is, it doesn't export my $TERM variable, instead, it uses their own predefined ones (which is xterm) but passes escape sequences unmodified.

It maybe not a "problem" for xterm users, but for me (which uses rxvt) it's a problem since xterm and rxvt use different escape sequences.

Because of that, I had to forcefully set $TERM to rxvt-unicode-256color on my server's .zshrc to get my HOME and END button works perfectly.
You can also use urxvt-xtermcompat config if you don't want to mess-up with your server shell config.

In the end, there's still no 100% perfect replacement for SSH, but atleast Mosh give us better typing experience especially on slow internet connection.
Alright, Happy Mosh-ing! (it may sounds weird but whatever :D )


Nanda Oktavera

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