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Arch Linux, Windows, and Ryzen Problems

A little notes about my problems with Ryzen Mobile on a several operating system

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Recently I bought an ryzen powered laptop, since my old laptop is completely broken, and it was not have a really good support on Windows because the AMD doesn't even give us the generic drivers for it. They're keeps talking about giving a support via OEM, and you know, it sucks and dissapointing.
So I decide to give a try for the arch linux.
Because last time, I had a good experience for running arch on the FX-9830P, thanks to the great opensource amdgpu drivers.

First time, I booting up the arch liveiso via my android device.
Setting-up the partition, pacstrapping the root, install some X programs.
Well, so far so good.

Booting up to the partition, plays music on youtube, and doing some configuration stuff, and boom, everything suddenly refusing to respond my input.
Nice, So apparently, I got a fucking lockups lol.

I search about that, and the first fix was a setting the kernel params.
So I edit the grub.cfg, save it, and reboot.

# /etc/grub/grub.cfg

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet idle=nomwait"

Well apparenty that's works well...until the first 30 minutes. I got soft lockups again.
I search again, and finally I got the final fixes, that was disabling C6 states.

I found the awesome python script for that,

./zenstates --c6-disable

And it works pretty well, there's no more lockups.
So I decide to make it start on boot by creating the systemd service like this :

# /etc/systemd/system/zenstates.service
Description=Zen C6 States Disabler

ExecStart=/usr/bin/zenstates --c6-disable


That's pretty strange for me, I don't really know what is going on. but yeah, as long as it works.
But I'm still dissapointed by having a bad experience on Windows, that's ridiculous tho, since they're targeting the mainstream users.

I just hope they'll get into it soon, AMD is awesome before, especially for having a good FineWine drivers.


Nanda Oktavera

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